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Single Phase Motor not working - but will start if you manually give it a spin
  • The submersible cable colours are not correctly matched to the colours in the starter / control box
No water flowing
  • Pump not turned on
  • Valve at bore cap or elsewhere is closed
  • Split poly or rising main pipe
  • Wet end failure
  • Blocked or sanded wet end / suction restricted
  • No water in bore / well
  • More Info 1


  • Over load switch tripped
  • Failed capacitor
  • Motor failure
  • Loose electrical connections
  • More Info 2


Reduced flow for Single Phase bore pumps
  • Lowered voltage
  • A bad electrical connection
  • Partially failed capacitor
  • Incorrect supply wiring
  • Incorrect sized rising main
  • Partially blocked suction
  • Well / bore insufficient production
  • Excessive head


Reduced flow for 3 Phase bore pumps
  • As above for single phase bore pumps
  • Direction of Rotation
  • Loss of Phase
  • More Info 3


Trips the overload immediately
  • Warning: Direct short circuit and / or faulty overload
  • Undersized overload
  • For 3 phase 'as above' and overload udjusted too low
  • More info 2


Trips the overload between 5 to 30 seconds
  • Locked rotor
  • Sanded wet end
  • Lowered voltage
  • Bad electrical connection
  • More Info 4


  • Faulty submersible splice failure
  • A loose electrical connection in starter box / plug
  • Motor insulation damaged and motor tight
  • More Info 2



Place your ear to the rising main or bore cap and listen for motor operation. If noise is heard, there is a good chance that there might be a split in the rising main / poly pipe or the wet end suction could be blocked.




You should contact your electrician who should check if the capacitor is still functioning and showing the correct value. Ohms resistance check should be carried out on the motor. A megameter check (insulation failure test) should be carried out. This will let you know if the windings have overheated or the submersible splice has failed. This reading is for the Motor in the well / bore - readings are for drop cable plus motor:

  • New Motor: less than 2.0 Megohms (or more)
  • Motor in good condition: 0.5 - 2.0 Megohms
  • Insulation damage, locate and repair: Less than 0.5 Megohms


Check that all phases are alive. Swap any 2 wires at the contactor / motor starter / CB. This will change the direction of the rotation of the motor.



Physically check all connections. the best way to do this is to disconnect and reconnect. Use multimeter to check supply voltage is correct, eg: single phase 240V, 3 phase is 415V.


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