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Yanmar Powered Generators - Diesel Series

Prime Power Fire Fighting Units

Prime Power 3000 RPM diesel units have either auto decompression or lever, with pressurised lubrication systems which allows easy starting and long engine life. Strong frames and anti vibration mounts ensure the unit can withstand rigorous handling at both construction and home building sites. Reliable brushless alternators ensure a stable power supply.

Single Phase and 3 Three Phase Portable Diesel Generators

  portable diesel generator in single phase and three phase


Yanmar Portable Diesel Generator Range - Single Phase

Model PYD22 PYD22E PYD50 PYD50E PYD70 PYD70E
Watts Continuous 1760 1760 3600 3600 5200 5200
Max Watts 2000 2000 4000 4000 5500 5500
KVA 2.2 2.2 4.5 4.5 6.5 6.5
Amps 9 9 18.5 18.5 29 29
Engine L48 Yanmar L48 Yanmar L70 Yanmar L70 Yanmar L100 Yanmar L100 Yanmar
Horsepower 4.8 4.8 7 7 10 10
Starting Recoil Electric Recoil Electric Recoil Electric
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.5 2.5 3.5 3.5 5.5 5.5
Approx Hours Run 3.8 3.8 3.5 3.5 3.6 3.6
Dry Weight 48 48 70 70 92 92
Length 750 750 820 820 820 820
Width 500 500 540 540 540 540
Height 550 550 600 600 600 600
Price $3739 $4600 $4759 $5654 $5787 $6447
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GYD Yanmar 4 Pole 1500 rpm Diesel Generator - Single Phase
Model KVA Rating Engine Frame Weight KG Fuel Ltr Price Buy
GYDC3E 3 kva TF70 Skid 140 7.5 $9409
GYDC4E 4 kva TF90 Skid 170 9.5 $9874
GYDC5E 5 kva TF120 Skid 200 9.5 $11035
GYD7.5E 7.5kva TF160 Skid 260 16 $12778 Contact me


GYD Yanmar Diesel - 3 Phase - 4 Pole - 1500 RPM
Model KVA Rating Engine Weight Fuel Ltr Frame Price Buy
GYDC3E/3 3 kva TF70 140 7.5 Skid $9409
GYDC4E/3 4 kva TF90 170 9.5 Skid $9874
GYDC5E/3 5 kva TF120 200 9.5 Skid $11035
GYD7.5E/3 7.5 kva TF160 260 16 Skid Contact me
Scope of Supply Heavy duty skid base in a painted finish      
  Double GPO on single phase)      
  1500 rpm direct coupled      
  Oversized alternator      
  Battery, carrier and leads      
Options Galvanized base and guard   $418  
  Weatherproof Canopy   $954  
  Weatherproof outlets single or 3 phase   POA  
  Fuel Tank 100 litre   $1187  
  Shutdown protection low oil pressure / high water temp   $880  
  As above with run down time clock   $1166  
  As above with pump pressure   $1438  
  Pivot Shutdown   $66  


Yanmar Portable Diesel Generator Range - Three Phase
Model KVA Rating Engine Start Frame Price Buy
PYD50-3 4.5 L70 Yanmar Recoil Roll $5994
PYD50E-3 4.5 L70 Yanmar Electric Roll $6698
PYD70-3 6.5 L100 Yanmar Recoil Roll $6962
PYD70E-3 6.5 L100 Yanmar Electric Roll $7670

All electric start models require a battery
2 year alternator warranty. 2 year warranty on engine serviced by engine manufacturer
All prices include GST

Free Delivery
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